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Dr Catherine Proot 

Psychotherapy and Supervision



Reflective practice is essential to the work of psychotherapists who are ​the 'instrument' of their trade and need fine-tuning.  

The ability to reflect and undertake accurate self-appraisal implies a capacity both to be open to experience while it is happening, and to review – and learn from - experience after it has occurred. Supervision promotes compassionate, ethical and humane engagement with the work and its moral dilemmas. 

Supervision can mean different things at different times for different people.  Its major purpose is to empower you through support, understanding, validation and information.  This has to be tempered by care for the welfare of the client and for maintaining professional standards and ethics.  A beneficial supervisory relationship enhances your self-esteem and self-care and develops your professional identity and personal style.  

A clear understanding by both parties of their role and responsibilities, and of the boundaries and limitations of the supervisory relationship - including lines of communication with your organisation if appropriate - can ensure safety of your client and yourself, accountability, and that organisational and personal contexts are given reflective time.

Dr Catherine Proot offers 1:1 and group supervision to counsellors and psychotherapists and those in related professions (e.g. health and pastoral care, volunteers, Samaritans and CRUSE ).  At heart Person-centred in her trust in the formative power of the supervisory relationship, she brings to her practice skills and insights from different therapeutic approaches and supervision models.  

Supervision sessions can last 50 minutes or 75 minutes. The cost for 50 minutes is € 80, for 75 minutes € 120. Cancellation up to 48h in advance is free of charge.  Later the full fee is due, except in cases of sudden illness.    
A supervisory relationship is not just a professional relationship.  You are a practitioner whose professional knowledge and experience is as valuable as mine and we seek to develop a collaborative process, both committing to the equality of the relationship. Hence, more than for therapy, we need to be able to get on with each other.  This is why Catherine offers potential supervisees a free exploratory session to find out whether we feel we can work together.    
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